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Wendy Knight Agard Wendy Knight Agard is an Everyday Genius™ and Doctor of Heilkunst Medicine whose passion is to help leaders ignite their personal brand of genius through coaching, speaking and workshop programs that create profound results at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Her 27 years of business experience including corporate VP level positions, overlaid with 12 years of coaching training and experience help leaders connect with their genius so they can accelerate the achievement of their goals, have more fulfilling relationships, improve their health, break through harmful patterns of behaviour and have fun along the way.

Wendy’s coaching programs are much more than conversations and accountability systems. Her medical and coaching training provide a unique set of tools that allow clients to resolve the subconscious issues that are lying beneath the surface that inhibit success. These techniques can achieve results in minutes that could take days, weeks or months using other systems, which makes them ideal for busy leaders.

Wendy’s speaking engagements are informed by all of her experience and training, which provide her with a unique insight into the dance between the intellect and our emotions that results in audiences gaining a new understanding of their personal power.

An international best selling co-author of “Unwavering Strength”, Wendy is currently writing her next book: “Everyday Genius: A Common Sense Guide to Peaceful Leadership”, which shows leaders how to lead themselves and others with confidence and ease.

A recent recipient of the Black Canadians Role Model award, Wendy is also the wife of an amazing husband, mother of two fabulous teenagers and the chief neck scratcher of their fun-loving dog Cosmo.

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