The Flu and You

This time of year, it’s hard to avoid a discussion about the flu. There are many aspects of this topic that can be addressed, but I will provide just a few points to ponder and some natural flu prevention options.

Flu instances and deaths are over-reported

While it’s true that the flu can be serious and even fatal, it’s highly unusual for the flu to reach that point and when it does there are pre-existing conditions that result in such a weakened state that the person’s immune system is not able to combat the infection. Sadly, a detailed review of the case is never provided by the media – we just hear the sensational headlines without the full story. Even when some measure of a case review is attempted, it is rarely complete because the review does not look at the whole person to see all of the influences that create susceptibility.

Laboratory swab tests are rarely done to confirm a suspected case of the flu – if you present with flu-like symptoms, your doctor will note a case of flu in his/her file. If you understand how natural, healthy detoxes or healing reactions can cause flu-like symptoms, it’s easy to see how often flu-like symptoms are mistaken for the flu (see this Tuberculinum article). For example, lung failure due to pneumonia is often the true cause of death of the elderly, but if you review the statistics you will see that these deaths are often reported as if the were caused by the flu.

Health principles

The idea of the flu shot is to prevent people from becoming ill but if you look at the logic behind the recommendations there are some gaping holes. First, the recommendations are constantly changing as to who should and should not get the shot. Sometimes it’s recommended for the elderly because they are supposedly more susceptible. It’s often recommended for people with asthma or other lung conditions. Well if someone has a weakened immune system, why would you want to inject anything into them that requires their immune system to work really hard to process? Could that not ultimately weaken the person’s immune system? Why not try to support that person’s immune system without taxing it?

When we contract a flu naturally, our mucous membranes are the first line of defence. The body is built to respond to a pathogen that enters the system this way. You feel terrible but the process is a healthy one – your body is doing what it needs to do to overcome the infection – heat is created in the form of fever to ‘kill’ the virus, congestion and mucous are created to detox the body, your digestive tract may be purged and all the other symptoms that we are familiar with play a role in helping you heal.

But what happens when the virus enters the body through injection into muscle tissue and then into the bloodstream? I don’t think we know all of the answers to that question. We do know that this is not how our immune system was set up to fight viruses, dead or alive. Something to think about…

A natural next question might be “What about FluMist? It is absorbed through the mucous membranes”. The safety and eligibility information on the front page of the FluMist site says it all. Look at all the warnings about weak immune systems, problems with the heart, kidney, lung and more. Notice the recommendation not to get it even if you live with someone who has a weakened immune system. That’s because when you get FluMist, you start breathing the flu all over everyone you come into contact with! So now we have a vaccination that spreads the flu…not exactly a sound application of principles.

I could go on for pages about chemicals that are included in the shots, the guessing game of what strains might be prevalent in any given year, known and unknown side effects, but these are well-documented elsewhere. So let’s focus on a few simple, safe and supportive methods of prevention.


Cod Liver Oil – Perhaps the best flu prevention in a supplement. The Vitamin D in quality cod liver oil is better absorbed and utilized by the body than vitamin D in fractionated pill form. It’s like liquid sunshine. The quality of the brand matters. I typically recommend Carlson or Nordic Naturals. (Hint #1: buy the flavoured versions unless you enjoy torture on your tongue. Hint#2: take it after a meal to avoid indigestion from it for the rest of the day).

Vitamin C – But not in the usual pill form. Powdered C that is buffered with magnesium, potassium and calcium is better absorbed and utilized. Sisu has an excellent option of this type. (Hint: buy the orange-flavoured version unless you enjoy torture on your tongue).

Homeopathic Remedies

A safe, effective alternative for flu prevention. Contact us to ask about this option.

Finally, let’s not forget the obvious regimenal approaches to maintaining a strong immune system: adequate sleep, plenty of vegetables, limited refined carbohydrates and simple sugars, adequate hydration and moderate exercise.

Here’s to a flu-free winter.

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This time of year, it’s hard to avoid a discussion about the flu. There are many aspects of this topic that can be addressed…

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