Do you know about your “other side”?

By: Wendy Knight Agard / July 2009

It is encouraging to see the increased level of interest in complementary health techniques and systems that is occurring in our society. People are awakening to the fact that there are many ways to approach health issues, but understanding how and why these therapies work can be difficult.

A good starting point is to learn a little bit about our life energy. This is that “thing” that we all know exists even though it can’t be seen under a microscope or physically measured. It is that “thing” that animates us when we are alive and leaves us when we die. There are two sides to our life energy.

Most of us understand that nutrition, sleep, hydration and activity are important elements of maintaining good health. We also know that if we have too much or too little of a certain nutrient, hormone or other item in the body, we can develop health problems because there is a delicate balance or homeostasis that needs to be maintained.

This part of our life energy that maintains balance is called “sustentive”, because it “sustains” us. Think of it like a rechargeable battery that will run out if not re-charged. In both conventional and complementary medicine, there is an excellent understanding of the sustentive side of our life energy. If our cholesterol is too high, our MD will recommend ways to bring it down to get back in balance. If we have certain blockages, we may seek acupuncture to remove them in order to restore balance. Naturopathy, chiropractic care, massage and reiki are all examples of therapies that focus on the sustentive side of our life energy.

But there is another side to our life energy that is equally important yet not well understood. It is called the “generative” side. This side goes beyond maintaining balance to generating new cells, new ideas or even new disease states. It is the generative side of our life energy that is affected when we first contract a contagious disease, but we generally aren’t aware of the infection until the sustentive side begins to fight the disease.

Consider chicken pox as an example. When the virus first enters our system, we feel nothing. There is no pain or discomfort of any kind. In fact, we know that a person can be carrying the virus for a few days before they even know they have it, which is one of the reasons it is so contagious. But once the sustentive side tries to fight the virus, we get symptoms such as fever, malaise and the familiar pox on the skin.

An understanding of how to work on the generative side of our life energy is important because this is the side that is affected when we experience physical and emotional trauma and it is also where our inherited predispositions reside. Our cells have a memory, which means that these traumas and inherited dispositions build up in our systems until there is an overload, which eventually results in symptoms and conditions.

These symptoms and conditions can be anything from anxiety and depression to gut issues, allergies, learning disabilities and cancer to name a few – there is no finite list. An understanding of our generative side provides the knowledge that problems which originated on the generative side cannot be solved by working solely on the sustentive side. Therefore, to get to the underlying cause of most symptoms and conditions, methods that work on both sides of the life energy must be incorporated. Medical Heilkunst does exactly that.

Originally published by: Orléans Online

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People are awakening to the fact that there are many ways to approach health issues.

Wendy Knight Agard

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