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Free homeopathic flu immunizations / Alternative to flu shots / October 07, 2008 / By John Curry

Ottawa Public Health is offering a series of free flu shot clinics which are coming up. Some, however, are uncomfortable with such flu immunizations, either because of a concern about the effectiveness of such flu vaccines, an allergy to ingredients used in producing flu vaccines such as eggs, a concern about perceived risks associated with flu vaccines, such as the chemicals used in them, or simply a dislike of needles. Now, though, there is an alternative.

Indeed, it is an alternative that has been around for years but as Wendy Knight Agard, a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst and Homeopathy points out, the word about it has simply not gotten out. She notes that homeopathic flu immunizations are a very basic application of homeopathy and have been around for years. Indeed, such homeopathic immunizations are available for any purpose, not just flu. There are homeopathic immunizations for malaria and other diseases for which such immunizations are recommended.

Wendy Knight Agard is offering free homeopathic flu immunization clinics at her True Health Holistic premises on Sweetnam Drive in Stittsville. Clinic dates are Tuesday, October 15 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.; Thursday, October 23 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.; and Saturday, November 1 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

These are free. All this is required is to contact Wendy Knight Agard at 1-866-925-WELL (9355) or at to let her know which clinic you will be attending as well as the number of family members attending. This is simply so that she can organize things so that there is quick service at the clinic.

For those who cannot make any of these three flu clinic dates, simply call Wendy Knight Agard to arrange for a free appointment. Another option is to receive the immunization by mail, with simple instructions for taking it.

Wendy Knight Agard points out that a homeopathic flu immunization is the same as a flu vaccination except that rather than being injected, it is taken orally. In addition, there are no chemicals involved with a homeopathic flu immunization and hence there are no negative side effects.

A homeopathic flu immunization is usually taken either with a little bit of lactose powder or on an eatable piece of rice paper. It is not a pill but rather is something that is absorbed into the body.

Wendy Knight Agard points out that a homeopathic flu immunization is easy to give to babies or older people as it simply dissolves on the tongue quickly.

Wendy Knight Agard’s homeopathic flu immunization clinics are free as she is doing this as a community service.

More about these free homeopathic flu immunization clinics can be found at

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Wendy Knight Agard points out the word has simply not gotten out about an alternative to flu vaccines that has been around for years.

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