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Wendy Knight Agard, Doctor of Heilkunst / Heilkunst tries to treat the root causes August 02, 2008 / By John Curry

Wendy Knight Agard of Stittsville is a practicing doctor of Medical Heilkunst not only because she has graduated from an intense program of study about Heilkunst but also because she has experienced its healing powers personally as a patient.

Her own journey with complimentary medicine began back in 1990 when she began a personal search for ways to treat her asthma without inhalers and steroid pills. She was able to achieve some improved health but when she had children, a whole new set of symptoms arose such as eczema, chronic fatigue and thyroid issues. The only suggestions for treatment offered to her were drugs and cortisone creams, solutions that she knew would only suppress the symptoms and not solve the underlying problem.

When both of her children developed severe eczema in infancy and then had food allergies when they began on solid foods, Wendy began a new search for alternatives. After trying naturopathic approaches and classical homeopathy and gaining only some success, she turned to Heilkunst treatment both for herself and her children. She and her children began to thrive with Heilkunst treatment, a system of medicine that she found addressed the underlying causes of the symptoms.

It was after experiencing this personal success as a patient that Wendy began her study of Heilkunst and last July became a practicing Doctor of Medical Heilkunst. Now a member of the Canadian/International Heilkunst Association as well as the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturothereapists, she now operates her own practice involving medical Heilkunst and homeopathy, True Health Holistic, at an office on Sweetnam Drive in Stittsville 1-866-925-WELL (9355). She left a long career in the information technology field to pursue her Heilkunst passion.

But although medical Heilkunst has been around for over 200 years, it is still largely unknown and certainly far less widespread than classical homeopathy which was founded as well by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann but which is a far less comprehensive system of medicine than Heilkunst itself.

Wendy Knight Agard is the only Doctor of Medical Heilkunst and Homeopathy located in the Stittsville/Kanata area and one of perhaps up to 20 in the Ottawa area. Across North America, there are probably up to 200 practitioners.

She explains that Heilkunst is a system of medicine that seeks to improve health by treating the root causes of disease. It is true that homeopathic remedies are used as part of Heilkunst treatments including treated inherited predispositions that can be contributors to health issues.

But Heilkunst goes far beyond homeopathy as it tries to deal with connections between bodies, minds, souls and spirits, resulting in a comprehensive approach to health.

Homeopathic remedies, which are considered an effective way to treat disease without the side effects that can be associated with prescription and over-the-counter drugs, are used in Heilkunst but Heilkunst should be viewed as an overall system of medicine that provides a customized approach to health for a patient and addresses everything from weight issues to improved sleep to enhanced energy. Heilkunst will even treat the negative effects of past traumas and inherited dispositions in a systematic way, treating the root causes of chronic problems, not just their symptoms.

Indeed, Wendy Knight Agard notes that Heilkunst is a broader system of medicine than homeopathy that is meant to get at the underlying causes of illness and which may or may not use homeopathy remedies as one of its tools to address these root causes.

She confidently says that Heilkunst generally can get to the root cause of a health problem. Getting ride of the underlying cause of a health problem; “that is the key”, says Wendy.

She says that Heilkunst understands the links between the physical, emotional and spiritual and provides treatment on all of these levels.

She admits that some patients come to her with no real diagnosed issues but with the hope that they can reduce any possible health problems so that they can reach a ripe old age. Her patients range from young children to teens to adults to seniors. An initial visit includes compilation of a complete health history and background.

The services of a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst and Homeopathy are not covered by OHIP but they are covered by most medical insurance plans.

Wendy Knight Agard feels that her own experience in finding Heilkunst and being helped by it helps her understand what patients with chronic health problems are going through. She knows what such situations are like because of her own experience and she can identify with them.

She likes to use the analogy of a tree with its leaves, saying that the leaves are like the symptoms of a health problem. The leaves or symptoms can be treated, she points out, but unless the treatment involves getting at the root of the problem, namely the situation regarding the roots of the tree, there will be no long term solution possible. Heilkunst allows for getting to the root causes of a health problem and dealing with them.

Wendy Knight Agard makes it clear that it is not an “either…or” situation with regard to Heilkunst and today’s regular health system. She sees them as complementary and does not expect patients to drop their involvement with the regular health system and turn to her.

She advises possible patients to come and see her and explore the Heilkunst system and see how things progress but to continue with their regular doctor as well. She does not expect patients to make an unconditional “leap of faith” to Heilkunst but to view Heilkunst as an option that is worth exploring and learning about.

Those who wish to discover more about Heilkunst can check out Wendy Knight Agard’s website at

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Heilkunst tries to treat the root causes.

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