Stittsville News — June 24, 2008

Heilkunst Medicine – what is it? / June 24, 2008 / By John Curry

Rotary Club members learn about system that deals with root causes, not just symptoms.

Members of the Rotary Club of Ottawa – Stittsville now know a little about the Heilkunst system of medi­cine. They were given an over­view of this system of medi­cine, which was discovered over 200 years ago, at their meeting on Tuesday, June 17 when Wendy Knight Agard, a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst and Homeopathy, was the guest speaker. A 15 year Stittsville resident who set up her Heilkunst and homeopathy practice in Stittsville last fall, she told the Rotary Club members that Heilkunst is based on getting to the root causes of medical problems and is not focused solely on getting rid of symptoms. She explained that regular medi­cine, naturopathy medicine and even classical homeopa­thy all deal with symptoms, treating them. However, the deeper, underlying issues that causes them are still there. Heilkunst tries to eliminate the root causes.

Wendy likened the situa­tion to that of a tree whose branches are the symptoms of a disease which is locat­ed in the root system. With Heilkunst medicine, the emphasis is on getting down to these roots, the underly­ing causes of the disease. This is done through treating the physical and emotion­al scars from past traumas which Wendy says leave an imprint on the body. It also involves treating inherited predispositions for such diseases as cancer and diabetes.

A big element in Heilkunst medicine, Wendy says, is therapeutic edu­cation, namely helping patients to understand how they themselves can par­ticipate in improving their health. She emphasized that Heilkunst “addresses the whole person”, right down to the spiritual level.

Wendy explained that she has become a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst and Homeopathy after complet­ing a multi-year education program similar to a four year university education. It has also involved six to ten months of clinical prac­tice and then designation by the Canadian International Heilkunst Association, along with continuing education annually.

Before becoming involved with Heilkunst medicine, she worked in the corporate world for 20 years, main­ly in technology sales and marketing. However, she had always struggled with chronic health problems that the regular medical system with its concentration on drugs did not seem to help.

When her children devel­oped severe eczema when they were just a few weeks old and then multiple food allergies as soon as they began eating solid foods, Wendy searched for solu­tions and she and her chil­dren began Heilkunst treat­ment. She was so impressed with the incredible improve­ments that both she and her children experienced that she decided to study Heilkunst and become a practitioner. She did this and after gradu­ating from the program last fall, she set up practice in Stittsville. She now main­tains an office on Sweetnam Drive in Stittsville.

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Members of the Rotary Club of Ottawa – Stittsville were given an over­view of a system of medi­cine which was discovered over 200 years ago when Wendy Knight Agard was the guest speaker.

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