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The coaching session I had with Wendy was truly mind-blowing. It was powerful, unique and really effective. Within minutes Wendy had tapped into the feeling states necessary to achieve my desires. I’m grateful for the work that Wendy does and the beneficial effect. Highly recommended.

[After coaching with you] My financial breakthrough:): I was just thinking of you today as I calculated my monthly income! I am happy to report to you that I made more money in July than in the previous 18 months :). It’s working!!!! … Thank YOU as you opened things up for me.

…yesterday I had one of those challenging conversations that we had discussed in my session. And the outcome was so different, it was incredible. It felt like I had a superpower.

I contacted Wendy because I had been through a very difficult year, and the emotional stress was weighing heavily and impacting my overall health. Long term stress sneaks up…and takes a significant toll. As I worked through my feelings and experiences each week, I was able to stop rehearsing negative emotions.

Even after my first session I was able to let go of feelings that had been dragging me down. …It’s really amazing, the effect of yesterday’s work. When I try to think of the situation that caused the feelings of resentment toward others, even the specifics, I can’t feel the negative emotions at all…no physical feelings, or anything other than peace. They are just gone, like I didn’t have the experience somehow. In the past, when I recalled the difficult situations or conversations, I felt all the symptoms I described yesterday. Now, there is nothing. Remarkable.

As I engaged in the work, the improvements were more and more noticeable. I felt a clarity and understanding about the past, and the negative impact was lifted. Family and friends noticed my positive outlook, improved overall health, and increased stamina. As a result, I am handling what life throws at me with confidence and grace. I have acquired new skills which guide my understanding of others in challenging situations, and I know what I’m responsible for…and what I’m not. It’s been a wonderful investment and I’m truly grateful.

It was a profound and life-changing experience to work with Wendy. She is a transformational, insightful, and inspiring coach who I highly recommend to anyone on the journey to discovering, re-discovering and claiming, or building their wholeness. Wendy reinforced much of what I already knew about myself at the core of my being, but which needed to be aired and cleansed and bathed in sunlight. She helped me to explore, address and clarify the thoughts and feelings which had gone underground for so long, and were crying out to be released.

She supported me in reaching in and re-claiming my authentic self, imperfect yes, but resilient, caring and courageous. My new-found clarity and sense of freedom has helped me to refocus on who I really am, who I am meant to be, and what I am meant to do. I am now pursuing what I believe to be my divine calling and passion and intend to transform my vision into reality. Wendy, thank you for being a partner along this part of my journey.

When I started my program with Wendy my husband and I were separated.

My sessions with Wendy have resulted in a positive change to my life.I began work with Wendy during a difficult time in my marriage. I was confused, angry, sad & lonely. I didn’t have much of a focus or purpose to my life.

My sessions with Wendy helped me focus in on what was important to me & what I wanted for myself. As well, she helped me gain a better understanding of the issues that my husband and I were struggling with.

The strategies she used with me enabled me to focus more on my needs & not so much on others’ perceptions of me.

Since completing our work together, others have commented that I look & sound happier.

I’m now better able to communicate with my husband & am seeing the results of it.

We are now together again.

…I came to a point when I realized if I do not face this fear it will continue as an aching darkness, possible to forget for a while, but always back for another attack, and another. I knew I could never be completely happy living in this state of mind.

…As I write this, I have an odd feeling that I am writing about another me, a false version of me. I look back over what I have written and think ‘that was me’? How could I have felt like that? I feel a sense of detachment from that old way of thinking – which is a most remarkable feeling – yet another part of me fully acknowledges this was my journey bringing me to where I am now.

…now I am much more conscious of what I am doing and I can stop repeating the same habit.

with Wendy’s guidance, I have learned to love myself. Ridding my burden of feeling unloved has created a peaceful space to feel connected and secure to experience a sense of freedom and personal power I have not previously enjoyed. I am loved.

I am more aware of personal reactions to the actions of others and what causes these reactions and how to have better control. Maybe self-control is not quite the right word: effortless choices might be more accurate.

This will make it much easier to avoid disappointing myself by simply realizing what I am able to do. Challenges in the future should be just that: an interesting challenge. No emotional entanglements from past events.

… it is all just calmer and easier so that I am able to make more calls and not become stressed or disappointed. [results: outbound calls increased by 20% in just a few weeks]

I found your knowledge and gentle encouragement both comforting and inspiring. Thank you for all your time.

After the death of my husband I was feeling very guilty. He had a long history of alcoholism which was tearing the last 10 years of our marriage apart and in the last 6 months of his life he had turned back into the man I married 21 years previous. Unfortunately even though he had regrets of his previous ways I had lost all feelings. It was a feeling of responsibility and the fact he was so sick with cancer that kept me there. When he died I had such a mixture of emotions that overwhelmed me. There was a sense of relief that the suffering was over, there was guilt, sadness and fear of the future. I am not one to take drugs to relieve the feelings and emotions I was going through so I looked on the internet and found Wendy’s web page and called for a consultation. I am happy to say it is the best call I ever made.

I lost 40 pounds purely through learning to effectively process my emotions in my first few months with Wendy’s program. Our work together gave me the tools to release the emotional baggage that was stored physically in my body and emotionally in my mind.

I also connected with the love of my life within the first few months of working with Wendy. Her guidance helped me step fully into this amazing committed relationship and receive the love that I came to understand I deserve. I am now able to set healthier boundaries, ask for what I want and claim my life more fully as a result of working with Wendy. I highly recommend her programs.

I first went to Wendy thinking she could help me with some health issues. I did not understanding exactly what it is she did. I still don’t, to tell the truth, but I can appreciate that she knows what she is doing. She knows the right questions to ask, the correct way to ask them. For me, I had the answers to most of it already, deep down inside, but didn’t have the tools to access them, or to believe in myself enough to use them. Wendy was my guide.

She showed me the route to take to better understand myself, my life situation, and to take steps toward making it better. I needed to realise that my physical health was directly related to my emotional health.

Once I believed that I was worthy of loving myself, and of taking steps to better my life, my physical being seemed to just follow along. So thank you, Wendy, for guiding me in my journey toward a better me.

Wendy is a gifted coach as she helped me get clear on the heart of my challenge and had patience to hold the space for my healing to unfold. I am now inspired to live my greatest life. Thanks Wendy!

During the darkest time of my life, Wendy’s guidance was a beacon of hope. I highly recommend her.

Since working with Wendy, my perspective has changed significantly. I now see myself, my life and the events that happen around me in a completely different light. This new awareness assists me in navigating difficult or stressful situations with much more ease and calm than before. I now understand that I really am the one in control of my reactions and perceptions and this has allowed me to live life more fully and with greater happiness. I highly recommend Wendy’s programs.

…I was brought to these sessions because of family issues after the death of my mother. As often happens when a traumatic events occurs there where fractures in the family. It was been difficult for me to live with the breaks in the family and how to resolve the issues left me with serious questions. Alcoholism is present in our family and creates its own problems. So, as I went through the process with Wendy I found a level of peace and comfort with my decisions. I often live in my head and I was able to move from my head and access my hearts wisdom.

I saw the issues with more clarity and less emotional judgement. I managed to write a letter to the persons involved without blaming shaming or defending. I learned to stand firmly in my own truth which gave me the confidence to feel my own feelings. This is quite a lot to accomplish.

A month down the road I still hear Wendy’s voice “what are you going to do to live it” and the answer is simple: live it. Thank you Wendy. I am enjoying my peace.

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