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Igniting Everyday Genius™

My mentoring expertise is borne out of a rare combination of formal training and experience in Heilkunst medicine, leadership experience in the corporate world and a unique ability to see through illusions to uncover core issues. To learn more about me, read my bio.

The Challenge

I meet a lot of people who are living seemingly happy lives, but they know something is missing. They have lost the connection with their soul and their true selves. This lost connection manifests emotionally in conditions like anxiety, depression, or not knowing what their life purpose is. It also manifests physically in a range of symptoms, from digestive issues to cancer to heart disease. These issues affect every aspect of life from personal happiness, to relationships to work performance. People often tell me they feel trapped in their situation, in their health history and in their states of mind.

The Answer

A Unique System

See It, Be It, Own It™ coaching facilitates a unique process of unfolding the Self. This process is powerful because it helps participants connect their thoughts and behaviours to their core emotions and states of mind. See It, Be It, Own It™ coaching programs achieve more than offering advice and instruction; participants learn to access and apply their strengths in ways they might never have thought possible.

The neuro pathways in the gut have been found to be remarkably similar to those in the brain. This means that incredible wisdom resides within our mid-sections, not just in our intellectual capacity. This brings new insight to the meaning of a gut feeling. It is also well-known that creating a shift in feeling is the most powerful way to influence action. Therefore we will access what is happening at the level of feeling, in the gut, in order to shift thought patterns, states of mind and ultimately, behaviour.

Participants will engage in the process of bringing the subconscious into their conscious minds, as they learn about concepts such as false beliefs and the false ego. They will learn to determine how false beliefs and the false ego manifest in their ambient and create blockages to their unique brand of genius.

The Steps

See It
The See It portion of the program will teach participants how to see themselves and the world in new ways. Participants will become conscious of the core influences that affect outcomes in their lives.
Be It
The Be It portion of the program will teach participants how to connect their feelings to their thoughts and behaviour patterns. They will learn how to positively affect results by changing their state of being.
Own It
The Own It portion of the program will teach participants how to incorporate the new consciousness gained in the See It and Be It portions of the program into their daily lives. They will learn that they hold the power to influence outcomes.

The Results

Igniting Everyday Genius™

Participants will begin to see aspects of themselves they were previously unaware of and their existing awareness will be brought to a new level of consciousness. Participants will learn how to connect with their whole selves so that their own particular form of genius can be accessed. The goal of coaching is to help participants develop:

  • More fulfilling relationships
  • A more fulfilling work life
  • A healthier mind, soul, spirit and body
  • Accelerated achievement of goals
  • The ability to break through old, harmful patterns.

Coaching can be delivered by phone or in person. For availability and investment information, please contact Wendy.

Informal Groups

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