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I found the perspective discussion incredibly enlightening. Through the sessions, I came to understand that I visualize and play out scenarios by visualizing the other people’s perspective, that my point of view, is more focussed on others. This realization is resonating already in my personal, but also professional life, with this recognition I am working towards a more balanced approach to my interactions. In particularly, not always placing others first for both my emotional and physical health.
I have seen Wendy speak several times now and on each occasion she steps up a little more. She is fun, personable, and entertaining and at the same time she offers wisdom and tremendous information.

I would recommend Wendy as a keynote speaker at any event, you can count on her to deliver!

Wendy communicates in a way that makes ideas clear and easy to understand. Her programs are relevant to anyone who wants to improve their relationship with themselves or others, achieve their goals and break through old, harmful patterns. Her unique approach will open your eyes to seeing yourself and the world around you in a completely new way. She provides simple tools and techniques to leverage this new awareness to improve your life on any level – whether it is physically, emotionally or spiritually. I highly recommend her coaching, speaking and online programs.
Wendy presented “Igniting your Everyday Genius” at the C3 centre in Ottawa. Through her generosity we received a talented and gifted speaker. Wendy has a very warm spontaneous genius and her delivery is smart, friendly and on the money.

If your organization is up to really nurturing your talent (people) and moving into conscious management of this talent, then hire Wendy today. I recommend her work and she will work seamlessly with you to deliver.

Ah-hah moments that are useful in everyday living to resolve inner and outer conflicts.
Wendy was a great and personable facilitator!
Wendy is a knowledgable and engaging speaker. She is personable and her enthusiasm for her work shines through. I highly recommend her and look forward to her giving more talks and presentations at PranaShanti Yoga Centre.
Empowering the individual to recognize their excellence – it is great to be me and to know it and show it.
Very dynamic and engaging workshop. Thanks
Wendy allowed me to take a step back and evaluate my work in a different perspective.
It’s a great workshop to help us think of things we don’t think of on a daily basis at work. It’s very insightful.

Attention: Entrepreneurs and Leaders!

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