I contacted Wendy because I had been through a very difficult year, and the emotional stress was weighing heavily and impacting my overall health. Long term stress sneaks up…and takes a significant toll. As I worked through my feelings and experiences each week, I was able to stop rehearsing negative emotions. Even after my first session I was able to let go of feelings that had been dragging me down. …It’s really amazing, the effect of yesterday’s work. When I try to think of the situation that caused the feelings of resentment toward others, even the specifics, I can’t feel the negative emotions at all…no physical feelings, or anything other than peace. They are just gone, like I didn’t have the experience somehow. In the past, when I recalled the difficult situations or conversations, I felt all the symptoms I described yesterday. Now, there is nothing. Remarkable. As I engaged in the work, the improvements were more and more noticeable. I felt a clarity and understanding about the past, and the negative impact was lifted. Family and friends noticed my positive outlook, improved overall health, and increased stamina. As a result, I am handling what life throws at me with confidence and grace. I have acquired new skills which guide my understanding of others in challenging situations, and I know what I’m responsible for…and what I’m not. It’s been a wonderful investment and I’m truly grateful.