It was a profound and life-changing experience to work with Wendy. She is a transformational, insightful, and inspiring coach who I highly recommend to anyone on the journey to discovering, re-discovering and claiming, or building their wholeness. Wendy reinforced much of what I already knew about myself at the core of my being, but which needed to be aired and cleansed and bathed in sunlight. She helped me to explore, address and clarify the thoughts and feelings which had gone underground for so long, and were crying out to be released. She supported me in reaching in and re-claiming my authentic self, imperfect yes, but resilient, caring and courageous. My new-found clarity and sense of freedom has helped me to refocus on who I really am, who I am meant to be, and what I am meant to do. I am now pursuing what I believe to be my divine calling and passion and intend to transform my vision into reality. Wendy, thank you for being a partner along this part of my journey.
- S