…I came to a point when I realized if I do not face this fear it will continue as an aching darkness, possible to forget for a while, but always back for another attack, and another. I knew I could never be completely happy living in this state of mind. …As I write this, I have an odd feeling that I am writing about another me, a false version of me. I look back over what I have written and think ‘that was me’? How could I have felt like that? I feel a sense of detachment from that old way of thinking – which is a most remarkable feeling – yet another part of me fully acknowledges this was my journey bringing me to where I am now. …now I am much more conscious of what I am doing and I can stop repeating the same habit. …with Wendy’s guidance, I have learned to love myself. Ridding my burden of feeling unloved has created a peaceful space to feel connected and secure to experience a sense of freedom and personal power I have not previously enjoyed. I am loved.She supported me in reaching in and re-claiming my authentic self, imperfect yes, but resilient, caring and courageous. My new-found clarity and sense of freedom has helped me to refocus on who I really am, who I am meant to be, and what I am meant to do. I am now pursuing what I believe to be my divine calling and passion and intend to transform my vision into reality. Wendy, thank you for being a partner along this part of my journey.
- MJ