I first went to Wendy thinking she could help me with some health issues. I did not understanding exactly what it is she did. I still don’t, to tell the truth, but I can appreciate that she knows what she is doing. She knows the right questions to ask, the correct way to ask them. For me, I had the answers to most of it already, deep down inside, but didn’t have the tools to access them, or to believe in myself enough to use them. Wendy was my guide. She showed me the route to take to better understand myself, my life situation, and to take steps toward making it better. I needed to realise that my physical health was directly related to my emotional health. Once I believed that I was worthy of loving myself, and of taking steps to better my life, my physical being seemed to just follow along. So thank you, Wendy, for guiding me in my journey toward a better me.

- Roxanne