…I was brought to these sessions because of family issues after the death of my mother. As often happens when a traumatic events occurs there where fractures in the family. It was been difficult for me to live with the breaks in the family and how to resolve the issues left me with serious questions. Alcoholism is present in our family and creates its own problems. So, as I went through the process with Wendy I found a level of peace and comfort with my decisions. I often live in my head and I was able to move from my head and access my hearts wisdom. I saw the issues with more clarity and less emotional judgement. I managed to write a letter to the persons involved without blaming shaming or defending. I learned to stand firmly in my own truth which gave me the confidence to feel my own feelings. This is quite a lot to accomplish. A month down the road I still hear Wendy’s voice “what are you going to do to live it” and the answer is simple: live it. Thank you Wendy. I am enjoying my peace.


- Jane F.